Datuk Hans Isaac, Baring His Soul

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WHEN award-winning actor, producer and director Datuk Hans Isaac announced in February that he had found the love of his life, his fans and everyone who knew him were overjoyed.

The wedding was supposed to take place in July. But a month before the event, he announced that it was postponed. Finally, in October, Hans called off the wedding entirely – and that set tongues wagging.

After much persuasion, Hans agreed to open up about this bitter episode, as well as how he is moving forward in his life.

Your marriage did not take place. Why not?

“All I can say [is that] two people need to be committed for a marriage to work, and I believe that was missing.”

Did you get cold feet?

— Sunpix by Ashraf Shamsul

“I was committed to being married after the engagement. I was ready to be a husband and a father. I needed a wife and a mother for [my children]. I did not need a girlfriend.

“When I see couples holding hands and having kids, I get envious. [But] I confessed I made the call not to go ahead with the wedding. It is a call that I was forced to make.”

How is your relationship with your ex now?

“There is no communication between us at this point, but I do wish her the best in her future, and in all her choices that she will be making.”

Can you describe your emotions at this moment?

“There have been three turning points in my life. [The] first was the death of my father in an accident 20 years ago. The second was the death of my mother from cancer five years ago.

“And the third was calling off this wedding. It is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

“I have done my best for the relationship. I never visualised [that] my relationship would end this way.

“I’d visualised myself travelling and seeing the world after my marriage, and maybe, even having a baby the following year.

“I am hurting now, but I am sure the hurt will get less with each passing day. I need time to heal.

“I know all this [pain] will pass and I will need to move on, and hopefully, to find happiness again.”

How do you intend to heal yourself?

“I have been keeping myself busy. I have been travelling for the last two months.

“I have been to Bali with my family, and recently to Koh Lipe with friends … I have been trainingin the gym four days a week. I havealso been playing golf. I started scuba diving again.

“How do I benefit from something negative like this? Well,I put my attention on my health and experience new things in life.

“In early October, I collapsed, due to stress. It was an eye-opener for me. I now see life differently. I learned that life can be extremely fragile.

“I am grateful that I am still able to appreciate life. I want to focus not just on the bigger things in life, but also the smaller things as well.”

Have you given up on love?

“For now, yes. My heart is shut completely. I am hoping that one day, someone will come into my life and show me what true love isall about.”

There are rumours that you already have a new girlfriend.

“No. I am single. I am still healing. But so many of my friends and the people I know are trying to set me up with somebody (laughs).

“It’s hard for me to meet anyone at this point, as I need to be fair and be 100% committed to her. I just can’t jump from one relationship to another.”

What about the perception that you are a playboy?

“I am 46, and I’ve only had eight serious relationships. If I was 25 and had eight relationships, then [it’d be] a different story.

“Have you ever met a playboy who wants to be married?”

Eight serious relationships, and none resulted in a marriage. Do you think something is wrong with you?

“Maybe. We all have flaws. I am not afraid to look at myself and discuss my flaws. I think I am a good guy. I think my parents have brought me up well.

“I was not ready to get married before this, but I was committed to this engagement. It was the first time I [went] down on my knees and proposed marriage. It was never easy for me to [do that].”

What’s next in your career?

“I am planning to have a concert with my buddies – Awie, AC Mizal and Afdlin Shauki – in July where we will be singing and performing funny sketches.

“I have plans to re-stage Lat: The Musical. The last time I staged it was four years ago. But I need to get Datuk Lat’s permission before doing it.”

Any updates about your upcoming film project, Sg Rejang?

“I have been working on the project (which centres on the relationship between two tribes) for the last 10 years, and I have not given up on this dream.

“It is a story I have always wanted to tell. The longer I wait, the better the story becomes.”

Tell us a little about your Christmas plans.

“I really thought I would be celebrating Christmas as a married man. But that is not happening.

“Instead, I will have my two siblings, three nephews and one niece to keep me company.

“Christmas has always been a family affair for me. I always host lunch for my family. The recipes my late mother used to cook will be done by my siblings.

“And to all theSun readers who celebrate Christmas, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


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