Ismail Izzani Dedicates New Single ‘Luar Biasa’ For Fans

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KUALA LUMPUR – Singer Ismail Izzani’s bold move in combining pop song with elements of electronic dance music (EDM) in his new single, entitled ‘Luar Biasa’, paid off when the music video went trending on YouTube and garnered 1.4 million viewers in just six days.

Ismail, 18, expressed his surprise with the overwhelming response for his song, which he composed specially for his fans, as he was initially a bit apprehensive to upload the music video that featured him dancing.

“However, on the first day the music video was uploaded on YouTube, it received 400,000 viewers, and this is an incredible experience for me,” he told Bernama.

The music video, which also featured former Sleeq band member, Alif, who co-wrote the song with Ismail, showcased their dance skills and has since become the second most trending dance video on YouTube Malaysia.

Ismail, or better known as Mael among his fans, said that the song and the music video also received positive comments from some 11,000 fans who likened the video to the ones produced by K-Pop (Korean) singers.

“For me, this is a new experience, to sing as well as dance simultaneously, as I used to focus on singing only without much of dancing,” said Mael, the youngest son of popular 1980’s singer Datin Suliza Salam, who spent one week practicing with choreographer Aus from the Nasty Rock Crews to master the nifty dance moves. – BERNAMA


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